Lots Of Women Suffer From Fungal Infections And They Can easily Cure Them At Home

Candida thrives naturally in women’s vagina , however in number it does not have effect on health . Candida yeast over-growth can cause vaginal diseases , so let’s admit , these may be very bad .

Even though vaginal diseases are not critical , they could bug you a bid plan . Fortunately , the treatment of these is very easy .

factors that cause vaginal fungus bacterial infections

Candida-albicans is the main reason for most candida bacterial infections . Even when you are healthy , your own vagina can still have small number of bacteria or candida yeast cells . Lactobacillus acidophilus is considered the most typical bacteria that handles the development of candida .

Candida over-growth is manifested through certain signs and symptoms , also it happens simply by unbalances in your body . Remedies may also make the condition even worse , and the same applies to higher than normal estrogen levels in women that are pregnant and also hormone treatments .

Herbal tea treatment

Natural rosemary tea is useful in the cure for vaginal candida bacterial infections . It reduces itching and burning a result of the infection . You should use this tea as an intimate care solution .

Consume about 5 cups of rosemary tea each day .

Take unsweetened natural blueberry fruit juice throughout the day to get rid of the infection very easily . Cranberry extract tablets and dried blueberries will help you , also .

Essential oils

Make use of essential oils to fight the irritation . Soak a tampon in a tea tree oil , and put it in . be sure you do not use very much of the oil , and a several drops can do the trick . Keep the tampon in your vagina for a hour or two . Do the same two times per day . You can test oregano oil , also , because it will work the identical method .

Use it topically or dilute it in fractionated coconut oil . Tablets do amazing things , also . Take two of these each day . The irritation will certainly disappear within 14 days .


Garlic gives you powerful antifungal power . Consume it every single day , you can also employ natural garlic gel to deal with the bacterial infection .

For much better results , use oil , garlic , vitamin E pills , and coconut oil all together .

Apple cider vinegar

Raw vinegar diminishes bacterial infections almost instantly . Put a cup full of natural apple cider vinegar to your bath . Soak in for twenty minutes , and pat dry .

Last modified on 19/01/2017

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