Eliminate The Kidney Stones With This Drink . Just Half Cup Is Enough

Among most of today’s most usual diseases are kidney stones , which could be really often in both women and men .

Certain individuals are much more exposed to kidney stones than other people , and that is exactly where lemons step in to help .

As a rule , kidney stones are treated with potassium citrate , and also study supports the say that the lemons’ content offers this element in an organic type .

Health professionals around the world are naming this method ‘The Lemonade Therapy’

How does it basically work ?

At the time of kidney stones are formed , the citric acid helps prevent stones from developing or even dissolves the bigger stones into smaller ones . When your urine contains a lot of citric acid in your urine , you may suffer les risk of suffering kidney stones creation .

The goods which give citric acid in bigger doses are lemons and limes .

Supplement types of citric acid , usually given as a potassium citrate prescription may be able to help but are much less organic and also as effective . Still , they can be very costly and you really need up to 13 pills per day .

Help Your own Kidneys Fight Off Kidney Stones

To try this , you can find an excellent drink formula that can keep your kidneys healthy . You will need over half a cup ( 4 ounces ) of organic lemon juice . Consume this amount per day or make 32 ounces of lemonade , that could be the exactly like the pharmaceutical recommended treatment .

Mix two ounces lemon juice and 7 ounces water . Drink this treatment 2 times a day- in the mornings and evenings .

Last modified on 18/01/2017

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