Who Products Reduce Stomach Bloating ?

Did you feel bloated? Well, we all feel like that sometimes ... Although bloated belly can be a sign of serious health problems can often be a consequence of the wrong food choices. What should I eat to prevent bloating stomach?


Unsalted food

Yes, definitely will not have a good taste as salty food, but sometimes you have to sacrifice something to look and feel good. If you consume a lot of salt your body will retain more water - adverse consequence of eating very spicy food, but can easily be prevented if you stop (or at least reduce) the salt in your diet.


To be able to perform important functions in our body needs fluids, but many people make mistakes and drink sodas and therefore feel bloated. Be honest with yourself: how many fizzy drinks downed in the last week? The solution is simple - instead, drink water or tea and you will immediately notice the difference.


Bananas? Yes, bananas! You might seem like a difficult meal for you, but actually bananas contain lots of fiber and potassium, which reduces fluid retention in your body. And the good news is that you can add bananas in almost every one of your meals - breakfast, light afternoon snacks, fruit salads and even desserts.

Brown rice

If brown rice can help combat bloating, then plain white rice will do the same right? Wrong! Brown rice is a very good choice as it is processed in a while, you feel full and the desire to eat something else will be reduced.

Yogurt with probiotics

Yogurt with probiotics can greatly improve the performance of the digestive system, and more effective digestion and a healthy digestive system, your body can handle gases and related inconveniences that cause bloating.


Cucumbers are great for treating dark circles around the eyes, but also reduces bloating. They are natural diuretics - helps to expel excess water from the body. And that's a very good feeling, especially when you have problems with bloating.


Natural enemy of puffiness is celery. It contains a lot of water and helps to expel toxins from the body. It also helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system and reduces water retention in the body. It is known that celery a day will reduce the puffiness in the stomach. It is also recommended not to eat raw celery (also for each vegetable) as raw vegetables is more difficult digestible.


Since watermelon is seasonal fruit will help to reduce puffiness during the whole year, but they are the best choice whenever can be obtained. Did you know that watermelon contains 90% water? It is a natural diuretic and contains potassium which prevents water retention in the body.


It is the best spice when it comes to fighting puffiness. This spice up prices in Asia. Used for various stomach problems, including bloating.


Asparagus will be guilty of a strange smell in your urine, but it is a small price to pay to reduce puffiness in the stomach right? It will surely help you get rid of excess water in the body, which is the reason why you feel bloated.


Ginger is a natural remedy that is used to reduce the various problems related to health. It is thought that promotes the work of the digestive system and reduces puffiness in the stomach. Would drinking a cup of ginger tea right?

Last modified on 21/03/2016

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