Find out the 3 Extremely Bad Health Effects You Might Have If You Overeat Nuts!

We know that the nuts are very healthy and are particularly associated with heart health, reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease and the fight against cancer, but how much a day can we eat?


No matter how healthy the nuts can be most of us do not adhere to the recommended daily amount of only one hand on the day.

It is roughly 24 almonds, 18 cashews, 14 walnuts or 8 Brazil nuts.

The problem is with the larger amount which may adversely affect our health.

Here's how:

1. Fast weight gain

Numerous studies confirm that nuts help in losing weight, but there is a warning that is associated with the consumption of the same.

Nuts help in losing weight, but only if consumed in the recommended daily amount. If you eat more than the recommended amount, then we have the opposite effect.

Nuts are quite fat.

2. Problems with digestion

If you feel "swelling" after nibbling on nuts , you're not alone. Bloating is common as a result of components which are called phytates and tannins that hinder digestion in the stomach.

This happens naturally as a defense mechanism of the plant. If an animal consumes hardly pass through the digestive system of the animal for food when you opt out, they can again increase. Unfortunately, the same thing happens in humans.

To stop this happening, it is important to eat the prescribed amount.

3. Hair loss, brittle nails, bad breath, sore muscles and joints

All these things are symptoms of selenium poisoning - a rare but serious condition that can occur as a result of consuming large amounts of nuts.

A meal of these fruits has 10 times of the recommended dose of selenium which is 55 micrograms.

Nuts are so high in selenium, which some nutritionists recommend to consume only 4 nuts a day and not every day.

PHYTIC ACID LEVELS In milligrams per 100 grams of dry weight

Almond 1138 – 1400

Walnut 982

Hazelnuts 648 – 1000

4.Blood Pressure

Nuts are often served salted. This improves taste, but also adds salt to your diet. Too much salt can contribute to high blood pressure. Choose unsalted varieties, or try adding spices and herbs such as Italian seasoning or chili powder for a tasty, low-salt snack.

So how many nuts should you eat?

The answer to that question depends on several factors:

  1. Your overall health and mineral status
  2. Your weight and metabolic health
  3. Whether you are soaking, dehydrating and roasting them nuts before consuming them
Last modified on 15/12/2015

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