How To Use Onions To Treat These Illnesses

This small wonder from Mother Nature can treat just about anything . The benefits of onions are certainly not to be undervalued even though this really is an overstatement .
Right now we are going to display you the ideal and also more effective methods to utilize these types of vegetables in the therapy of numerous ailments such as cancer , fever as well as cold .

Onions are full of quercetin , that is antihistamine , anti-inflammatory , antibiotic as well as antioxidant . This mixture eliminates the poisons from the entire body and also decreases poor cholesterol . Red-colored onions possess the biggestquantities of quercetin , however you may also utilize yellow as well as white onions for the following ailments :
1 .Warts
Based on the dimensions of the wart , cut an onion put it there . Secure it with a Band-Aid and the wart is going to be taken away in only a couple of days .
2 .Burns
You should not leave the kitchen area should you be cooking and you unintentionally burnt yourself . You simply need to cut an onion after which put it straight to the impacted part of the body for two min .
3 .Cough
Reduce a large onion by fifty percent to put it to use for a bothering cough . By utilizing a tbsp of dark brown sugar , cover up the higher section of the halves . Allow it melt for sixty min after which devour the syrupy contents twice per day . The intake of honey as well as onion juice is a good option .
4 .Fever
Onions , potatoes as well as garlic are the most effective allies in the battle against fever . Chop the potatoes and also onions after which mince the garlic . Put these vegetables in your socks and wear the socks when you retire to bed .

Last modified on 17/02/2017
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