Food poisoning : Salmonella in your salad ?

After you hear the term “food poisoning” it frequently conjures up pictures of hurried trips to the toilet and rueful testimonials while there of what was eaten the past day .

Many of the blame could be levelled at your meat main course – was the chicken breast undercooked or the beef-steak too rare ?

Foods such as salad leaves offer a particular infection danger because they are often minimally processed after harvesting and consumed raw . As a result , it isn’t unexpected that considerable research effort has been made into improving the microbial defense of salad leaf culture as well as optimising standards for processing and product packaging .

Bacteria and salads

Salmonella is a very common food-borne pathogen usually associated with poultry . This bacteria is located in many animal types though and can easily infect non-animal food products .In our recent research , we been focused on Salmonella as it is an aggressive pathogen that has been implicated in salad-associated infections . We found that juice produced from the cut-ends of the salad leaves allowed the Salmonella to raise in water , even when it was refrigerated – this was a shock as Salmonella has a temperature preference of 37?C .

During a five-day refrigeration – a standard storage time for a bagged salad – 100 Salmonella pathogens multiplied into above 100 ,000 bacteria .

Last modified on 29/01/2017

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