Healthy Tips

Most of us start the day with a cup of hot tea or coffee, to warm up after waking up. But, when we drink water, we prefer it to cold. But, according to Ayurvedic, we are wrong when the water…
Not everyone knows that posture that we practice when we sleep is essential for our body, and mostly affects digestion. It is well known that in ancient times, monks practiced to lie down after every meal, it made him easier…
Are you hear about this ideas using Baking soda ?
Urine color provides an indication about the state of the human body.
Is bottled water healthier than the water coming from your sink?
Do Not throw away watermelon seed, they cure disease and you are not even aware !
Hands and nails can reveal many surprising secrets about your body and give you warning signs that you must not ignore them.
Bad breath has been always considered as one of the most unpleasant and most repealing problems.