Smartphone Light Affects The Brain And Body ( infographic )

Our smart phones are created to create a blue light to be able to help us start reading from the display even just in the sunniest period

But , this light is getting regularly released during the day from almost all our devices , PCs , and Televisions .


It seems that , it creates our mind baffled while it imitates the sun , and it thinks it is a day even at nighttime . As a result , it blocks the generation of melatonin so the man or woman suffers from sleeping problems .

this can be the main reason why professionals suggest that that you do not use any kind of digital gadgets a couple of hours before going to bed .

That is , a tiny organ found in the mind , the pineal gland , is the only who generates melatonin , and also works well several hours before going to bed . It includes a photoreceptor called Melanopsin , positioned in the retina ganglion cells , and also responds to the blue light emit from these types of products .

Many research has shown that telephone individuals before sleep time have a problem to fall into deep sleep . Furthermore , teens are all the more at risk of these types of results compared to adults , because the circadian tempo changes in puberty years so they stay much more awake .


Dr . Martin Blank , from the Division of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics Columbia college , created a group of professionals who appealed to the UN regarding the negative effects of electromagnetic emission from cell phones or even Wireless .

The usage of these kinds of products may cause many negative effects , which include cancer . Unluckily , also the smallest kids these days grow up enclosed by digital gadgets , and the mind of a kid becomes 4 more times radiation than an adult .

Also , the Chinese also have a unique name for the habit to such electronics- an official medical problem .

And also they have a lot of treatment centres which separate teenagers from electronic gadgets to be able to help them stopped that habit . But , the results of these centers are still not proved .

Still , to be able to help your self , you must remember several easy rules :

You must reduce the use of electronics before sleeping , and also switch off all products when going to bed . You should read in bed instead .
You can test applications such as the f .lux , which changes the screen’s display to be warm at night and bright throughout the day and thus decreases the blue light effects .
Do this and you will considerably improve your insomnia , and stay away from numerous negative effects on your health !

Last modified on 19/01/2017
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