7 Type of Foods for Sexy Atmosphere

Is your sex life boring? Maybe sex is simply monotonous - or events in your bedroom have changed due to stress and everyday tasks.


The solution is much simpler than you can imagine: a stronger libido sometimes requires changes in diet. To avoid guessing you need to eat for the nights that you spend with your partner to be passionate, we have prepared a short list of foods that you will have a sexy atmosphere.


Watermelon sexy summer fruits, and should enjoy as much as possible. But here's another reason: watermelon contains citrulline - an amino acid that has a huge effect on libido. It also opens and relaxes blood vessels and thus increases the desire for sex. Cold watermelon in the warm summer night - now sounds more delicious right? Enjoy this sexy summer fruits in his taste and what comes after it.


If you want to eat something before going to bed, think of avocados. It will help you stay awake and to devote a more interesting activity. Avocados contain a lot of vitamin E, which helps in the secretion of hormones that greatly affect our libido. Prayer avocado ... No matter whether you will use in fruit shake or will only eat it - the result will be pleasant.


Great news for fans of chocolate: chocolate can make you happy in many ways. We all know that chocolate is the king of all natural aphrodisiacs because it contains a substance known as "the chemistry of love." In the pleasure center, located in our brain, this substance releases dopamine - the largest amount of this product is released during orgasm. How to Increase the effect - chocolate additionally cheer. If you want to increase its effect, we recommend you melt chocolate and spread it to your partner with it.


So small, yet so effective - almonds are real food when someone wants to regain the passion. Many argue that the flavoring increases lust, scientists add that almonds also contain large amounts of vitamin E, magnesium and fiber. All these substances have a great effect on the production of the right hormones in the body, leading to increased libido. Prepare energy bomb - you can eat whole almonds or chop and put the chocolate dessert to get real erotic bomb.


Because of its strong odor, garlic can be a killer of erotic atmosphere, but also has many positive effects. Garlic contains allicin, which boosts circulation in the organs of sex, which leads to increased arousal and libido. Do not worry… Garlic is definitely worth to include in your romantic dinner, if you're concerned about bad breath, make sure it is thermally processed - because it would take a less intense taste and smell, unlike fresh garlic.


The banana is not just fruits sexiest form - but also helps to enhance orgasm. Sounds challenging right? Banana contains potassium which strengthens muscles. All muscles including those which do contractions during orgasm.


Do you want to spice up things in the bedroom? Chili is the right choice because it contains interesting substances. The ingredients found in chili exempt endorphins, it's the hormone that enhances libido and also stimulates circulation of blood.

Do not overdo it

Chili can add to many dishes, but be careful not to overdo - because it can destroy the romantic atmosphere.

Last modified on 22/04/2016

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