Do You Have Problems to Wake Up and Start the Day with Enough Energy

Fortunately, there are easy tricks you can start your mornings with enough energy and at the same time to keep body weight down.

Morning tricks for more energy

1. Stop feel exhausted

If you're constantly exhausted in the morning, it is a sure recipe for overeating later in the day. On the other hand, it is important to find healthy ways of getting enough energy, you do not have to rely on fast food and snacks.

2. Reach for proteins

Proteins will convince your brain and stomach that you are well fed and that your hunger is satisfied. If you avoid them, then hunger will lead you directly to the packet of chips in some part of the day.

3. Start your day with chocolate

A cube of dark chocolate contains enough theobromine (cousin of caffeine), so you wake up and then not cause a drop in energy. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of heart attack, but also to a better mood.

4. Drink one more coffee

No need to give up coffee as stimulant to help you start the day. Recent studies have shown that coffee is associated with numerous health benefits, including: reduced risk of skin cancer by 20% reduced risk of stroke by 25% and reduced risk of prostate cancer by 60%.

5. Eat something crunchy

Crunchy food activates the jaw, helping to wake up the facial muscles, which will help you to become aware. Eat apple for breakfast, which will get an extra dose of fiber.

6. Set the bed

Once you place the bed will disappear again the temptation to go back to bed. But more importantly, fixing the bed, activate hands, which quickens the pulse and you start the day refreshed.

Last modified on 11/04/2016

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