Why Chia Seeds are so Healthy?

Chia seed is very healthy, so it's no wonder that most people consume more. It is rich in protein, fiber, calcium, antioxidants and omega 3, but must be consumed properly.


Recently, a patient complains of difficulty in swallowing, after daily consume a teaspoon of seeds in which they drank a glass of water. One reason through which to lose weight is because the seeds are spread when mixed with water and makes you feel fuller for longer. However, eating a tablespoon of dry seeds and drink water will not lead a better experience, because the seeds are spread before they reached to your stomach.

Much safer is to immerse the seeds in water before eating. Once dipped, the seed develops a gelatin shell which some believe helps with movement through the digestive tract. Other evidence suggests that consumption of minced seeds than all the seeds, provided a significantly greater amount of omega-3 fatty acids are broken down quickly into the bloodstream.

When added in some recipes, the body can absorb the nutrients in the seeds (in an appropriate amount), whether minced or submerged. If you want to keep these benefits, in addition we offer several recipes chia seed:

Chia pudding:

Buy coconut milk and in a cup of milk put a spoonful of chia seeds. Leave the cup overnight in the refrigerator and consume it the next day as breakfast.

Muffins and blueberry from chia:

Make usually dough muffins and add blueberry and chia, for greater nutritional value.

Antioxidant smoothie:

Mix berries, pomegranate juice, water and a teaspoon of chia seeds and drink in the morning. Will refresh, and will long feel full.

Chia yogurt:

If looking for something that will quickly enable omega-3 fatty acids, simply pour a teaspoon of chia seeds in yogurt, and you can add different fruits.

Last modified on 10/03/2016

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