Tap Water or Bottled Water - Which Is Healthier ?

Is bottled water healthier than the water coming from your sink?

You may be surprised to know that drinking tap water is not only better for the environment, but also better for your health. Tap water is a cleaner and better choice, and is more regulated than bottled water. Studies have shown that there is little difference between bottled water and tap water. The bottled water companies create many pollutants through the creation of plastic and the bottling process. Water filters are a better option to ensure the water you drink is the purest water available to you. It may take a couple extra moments to fill a water bottle before you go out, but it is a small price to pay for the benefits you are providing your body and the environment.

From a health perspective, the difference between tap water vs bottled water is relatively insignificant.
Both tap water and bottled water are considered “safe” in the United States.
However, safe does not necessarily mean healthy.
Virtually every source of municipal tap water and all types of bottled drinking water contain some level of unhealthy contaminants.
The purpose of this page is to briefly summarize the health and safety factors of tap water vs bottled water.

Health and Safety

Over the past few decades, savvy bottled water companies have spent mega advertising bucks to persistently program us into believing that the water they bottle is safer and healthier than our tap water. However, it is simply not true in most cases.
I have not found any studies or evidence to prove that bottled water is any healthier or safer than tap water.
In fact, certain brands of bottled water have been shown to have more contaminants than tap water due to the leaching of harmful chemicals from the plastic bottles. The scientific evidence is clear that all plastic bottles leach chemicals into the water.
One of the chemicals used to soften plastic, phthalate, is of most concern. Pthalates are known to cause reproductive disorders and liver problems.
Pthalates and other synthetic chemicals from plastic bottles are also known to increase the risk of cancer.
The chemical leaching from plastic bottles will increase if the water bottle is exposed to heat. Thus, never drink from a water bottle left in the sun or in the car on a hot day!


Last modified on 15/02/2016

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