Do Not Throw Away Watermelon seeds - They Are Incredibly Healthy !

Do Not throw away watermelon seed, they cure disease and you are not even aware !

We all love watermelon and eat them every summer, and we have no idea that its seeds are very healing. Here are what all they can heal:
When you eat watermelon, like most of the people throw away seeds. Those who do not throw it, swallowed them, partly to help his digestion but unfortunately that is all. Same seeds when passing through the digestive tract remain intact and only a mechanically assist better digestion but most of their beneficial ingredients remain unused. To take advantage of all the healing properties, the seeds need to cook, grind or bake in order to reach the precious contents.
Watermelon seeds contain dietary fiber very essential for the normal work of the digestive tract; help in case of intestinal parasites, as well as in the treatment of patients suffering from jaundice, sea sickness and inflammation in the body

Use 4 tablespoons fresh crushed watermelon seeds and cook them for 15 minutes in two liters of water. This amount of tea should be drink in two days. The third day take a break. This process should continue for several weeks with the same intervals, two days of use with one day break.
One of the best medications for treating the bacteria Escherichia coli in the urinary tract and the treatment and prevention of parasites in the gut is water with watermelon seeds. You will need 30-40 watermelon seeds, fresh or dried. Before using them, you need to chop or crush them. Put the seeds in one liter of water and boil for about ten minutes. Let the liquid cool down then keep it in the fridge and drink it everyday. You can mix it with a juice or other flavors if that makes it easier for you. Is necessary to drink at leas one liter per day for a few weeks to several months until the bacteria completely disappears. The recipe is suitable for children too. During the summer, prepare and accumulate sufficient amount of the seeds to keep them available for long term use in the time when watermelons are not available.

Watermelon seeds are also recommended to strengthen the heart and the muscle structure of the body. Using the seeds, in a form of tea or snacks, are good for strengthening the memory and the concentration. The watermelon seeds, just like the watermelon are excellent to boost the libido and the potency in men. Tea made from these seeds is also recommended for diabetics, as an effective remedy for treating diabetes type 2.


Last modified on 11/02/2016

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