What is Healthier: Marijuana or Alcohol ? Here's what the Science Says...

The world of science arrive and here is the new facts about marijuana.

It seems that it is not harmful as you thought it was.

Marijuana in most countries in the world is prohibited because it belongs to the group of lighter drugs. Analogously it is natural to think that the herb is dangerous for our psycho-physical health, but research shows something completely different. A new study in the US shows that it is the deadliest substance is alcohol, so the list is even before heroin and cocaine. In the past consumption of marijuana is considered extremely dangerous, and that it could seriously endanger our health.

On the other hand, the effects of alcohol in terms of marijuana can be said to be underestimated, even though new research shows that alcohol is more dangerous and more harmful to human health than marijuana. Even according to some studies alcohol is much more carcinogenic to Unlike any kind of narcotic. In fact the new studies would favor all advocates for the legalization of marijuana, especially if it is used for medicinal purposes.The use of marijuana for medical purposes is now legalized and approved in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal.

In numerous countries worldwide marijuana is still fully decriminalized. In Israel since the 1990s marijuana use for medicinal purposes, and liberal on the issue and Bangladesh, the Philippines and parts of Australia. The most interesting fact is that marijuana is totally legal in North Korea, the country where it is illegal to possess mobile phone or computer.

Below are just a few facts that highlight the very different impacts of these two popular substances on those who consume them and on the broader community.

Many people die from alcohol use. Nobody dies from cannabis use.

People die from alcohol overdoses. There has never been a fatal cannabis overdose.

Cannabis has a host of essential nutrients

Alcohol use damages the brain. Cannabis use does not.

Alcohol use is linked to cancer. Cannabis use is not.

Alcohol is more addictive than cannabis.

Alcohol use increases the risk of injury to the consumer. Cannabis use does not

Marijuana has a host of legitimate medicinal uses

You can't overdose on marijuana

Cannabis is friendly to the brain

Nobody dies from consuming marijuana

Last modified on 28/01/2016

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