Use These Healthy Foods Instead of Salt

Lately salt is one of the worst food supplements, particularly since over representation in ready-bought food.


Sodium is the main component of salt, but also many other herbs that can be a great alternative to the desired brackish taste of dishes. To be able to regulate their intake of salt is recommended replacing it with healthier alternatives, or natural herbs that are rich in sodium.


One of the oldest spices in our kitchen which is used exclusively in sweets and cakes, otherwise there are many more applications. Cinnamon is an excellent alternative to salt for regulating blood sugar levels and the ability to lower cholesterol are its main advantages. Although intense smell that we can not imagine the main meals, cinnamon surprisingly fits in well spicy dishes. For example, a little cinnamon in Mexican dishes with beans give a special note of flavor, and together with curry, enriches every dish with chicken.


Spice in our cuisine is becoming more common, cardamom is considered a member of the ginger family. Its taste is delicate and aromatic, but the first contact with the palate feels salted note. For more intense flavor in dishes cardamom seeds needs a little fried. 

Chili peppers

Hot and pungent taste is note that chili peppers leaves on the palate, and which thanks to the healing properties deserves to become a favorite playmate of all dishes with a spoon that best balance the flavors. Intense taste to completely ignore the need for salt in food unless cooked in fresh, such as sandwiches and salads.

Sunflower seeds

Only 50 grams of this fruit meets the daily needs for vitamins E and B1, and only 100 grams of seeds satisfy the daily needs of the body of manganese, copper, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and vitamin B6. Sodium seeds gives brackish and less bitter taste, so the dishes instead of salt is added to the crushed seeds. It is best to add to the already cooked food.


Garlic is an excellent substitute for salt, particularly when dried to form a powder. Many use with fish and pasta to enhance the flavor. Its many medicinal properties are the main reason for the greater use in the kitchen, and if you omit the salt eating and just add garlic, you will notice an effect equivalent to salted note as the favorite spice.


The green leaves of basil are rich in essential oils, where besides other series components contain sodium, for which basil is an excellent substitute for salt. To preserve the oils in the leaves, basil should be added at the very end when preparing dishes. Except in cooked dishes, basil works well mixed with vegetables, pasta and salads, where his salted note particularly evident.

Lemon juice

Salad without salt may sound unthinkable, but if enrich with plenty of lemon juice, you will not have any need of notorious spice. Moreover, lemon is known as a natural preservative, which makes it even better substitute for salt.

Last modified on 12/01/2016

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