What Happens to your Health if you Sleep in a Cold Room ?

Experts agree the temperature of your sleeping area and how comfortable you feel in it affect how well and how long you sleep.

Sleep is extremely important for good health, as we all know. But a new study has shown that sleeping in a cooler room significantly improves our health. Colder bedrooms could subtly transform your brown fat (considered good fat) in a higher power and metabolism, even during the day.

Until recently, scientists have considered that adults do not have brown adipose, but during the last couple of years, a very small amount in the size of a teaspoon, has been found in the neck and the upper part of the back in many adults. This is a very important brown adipose, and contrary to the well known white adipose, it is metabolically active. Mice experiments have shown that sugar needs to be out of the bloodstream so that calories can be burnt and inside temperature of the body is maintained.

Apparently, a similar process occurs in people, as well. A new study, published by the American Diabetes Association in July, in collaboration with the National Institute for Health, has researched the influence of controlled climate conditions in bedrooms in which 5 young men- volunteers slept for several months. During the day, the young men lived their normal lives, but it the nighttime they slept in the Institute. All meals, including lunch were provided for them so that proper intake of calories is guaranteed. They were covered with light sheets.

During the first month, researchers have kept a temperature of 24°C, since they considered that neutral temperature would not cause body reactions. The next month, they lowered the temperature to 19°C, which they considered that it would stimulate, in smaller amounts, the brown adipose tissue (but it will not cause trembling, which is a usual reaction of lower temperatures). The next month, the temperature was restored to 24°C so that all effects from the cold room were abolished. At the end of the last month they increased the temperature to 27°C. Blood sugar, insulin level and intake of calories were tracked during the experiment, and also after each month, the amount of brown adipose was measured.

The science behind better sleep is simple. Over the course of each day the body’s temperature rises and falls. When we begin to fall asleep, our bodies naturally cool off. Helping your body get to that lower temperature faster is key to falling asleep quicker.
Plus, when the temperature in a room is too hot or too cold, the body will work to regulate its temperature, leaving you tossing and turning all night. When it doesn’t have to work overtime, the body can relax more, resulting in deeper sleep.

Other benefits of sleeping in a cooler room?

Temperatures in the 60s allow your body to release more melatonin, which has been shown to protect brain health and fight against cancers, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Studies also show that melatonin improves weight control by increasing "beige" fat, a heat-generating type of fat that helps the body burn calories.


Last modified on 05/01/2016

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