The Most Easy And Funny Things To Do When You Are Stressed!

We must say that We are confronted with stress on a daily basis. It can affect many aspects of our life, mentally and physically.

There are many simple and effective ways of dealing with stress.

Here are the best unorthodox methods to reduce tensions and eliminate the effects of stress that you may not know:

1. Use your hair brush

This may sound strange, but it works for an effective way to reduce stress and pain in the head after a busy day at work. Take the time to brush your hair about 10-15 minutes in the evening. Thus your muscles relax.

2. Eat good food

Tasty food always works as an antidote to stress. For example, fish (containing omega-3 acids) is much better for your nerve. But if you don't love seafood, you can always eat ice cream or banana.

3. Enjoy a massage

Massage the areas under the nose, between the eyebrows, lips and into the center of the hands 30 seconds.

4. Rub your hands

This is a bizarre but highly effective method of reducing the effects of physical stress. Rub your hands until you feel the heat.

5. Twenty-seven objects

There is an old idea that if you move 27 objects to new positions in your home, you will be able to get rid of negative thoughts.

It is believed that this physical release of space will help to stress relief.

6. Use the stairs

Climb up and down stairs for 30 seconds every day. This will increase the flow of oxygen to those parts of the brain dealing with emotional stress.

7. Drink tea hibiscus

Hibiscus tea can help to reduce chemical processes that cause bad feelings.

8. Arrange the space

Leave those things back into their proper place. This can help you to put your thoughts in order and concentrate.

9. Make a 1-minute break

Take time to sit at home alone for a minute. Start playing your favorite music, sit in your favorite spot and enjoy.

Think about the things you want most of all and write them on paper. This can help you get a clearer sense of what to do.

10. Dance

Rhythmic movements to the sound of music can physically help relieve stress. Also, this is much more fun than going to the gym.

Last modified on 12/12/2015

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