Introduce Some Habits in Your Lifestyle and Hide Years!!!

Accelerated lifestyle, stress, low quality diet, lack of sleep, unhealthy habits can wreak havoc in your body, and add to your face many more years of what you really have.


Therefore, it is even today to introduce some habits in your lifestyle and hide years.

Vitamin D

Although it is especially important for memory and help fight cancer diseases vitamin D makes the skin, hair and nails more beautiful and stronger and gives a natural shine. It has abundant in meat, fish and dairy products. Vitamin D can refresh you for nine years and four months.

Observe the numbers

If you regularly measure your blood pressure, check the variations in the size of your waist, do analysis of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, immediately halved the work to yourself. This cheerful mathematics can easily make you younger by nine years!


Do not forget family and friends. Stay in touch with them via email, phone or frequent meetings. The presence of the closest, can back you through the time in eight years.

Fruit and nuts

Besides being the perfect meal for any time of the day, fruits and nuts have excellent taste, keep your heart and help in the fight against excess weight. With their help you can delete six years and four months.

Reduce stress

It comes in several forms, some of which may be useful, but the negative stress can slowly destroys you inside and out. There are several ways to combat stress and the most useful is meditation and relaxation exercises. Without stress you look year and seven months younger.

Integral, Integral, Integral

Whole grain cereal as integral and `rye flour, oats and Wheat flakes contain more fiber, helping you stay healthy and keep your weight at a normal level. With their daily consumption you will rejuvenate for two years and six months.

Think positive

When you're in a good mood and positive thinking, it helps the body remain vital. Good vibration can freshen five years and two months.


Just half an hour a day is sufficient for a relaxing stroll that will relax you, will fill with energy and give you strong bones. Walking will help the tired person to delete twelve years.

Exclusively night's sleep

Not only for the normal functioning of the body needs at least six hours of sleep, but that dream is necessary to get at night, not during the day. Although it will give you strength and you will feel rested, night sleep will help you look three years and four months younger than your real age.

Practise with weights

This kind of physical activity perfectly shaped muscles and helps to strengthen bones. Start with a series of ten exercises for a period of one minute. The repetition of these exercises several times a week, will refresh you for two years and six months.

Be careful on oral hygiene

Healthy teeth and gums will help maintain immunity in great shape and beautiful smile will undoubtedly brighten your look. Regular oral hygiene can rejuvenate you for six years.

Find hobbies

Take the time and learn an activity that has long coveted. Whether it will be a foreign language, course in cooking, painting on canvas, singing or playing an interesting tool, your mental health will be improved, and therefore your look fresher.

Last modified on 11/12/2015

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