HOW Get Rid of Extra weight by cleansing your colon ?!

Your colon is one of the most important organs in your body. It’s responsible for removing waste left behind by food and drink.


The issue of bloating and other health issues may be a result of the accumulation of weight in your colon. One of the best ways to get a healthy lifestyle is to get rid of the excess weight and clean the colon. The accumulation of weight in the colon is an impact of eating meals that do not consist or have an inappropriate amount of fiber.


It’s true that the body is very good at cleansing itself and getting rid of toxins. However, with the amount of toxins and irritants we now take in on a daily basis, it’s important for us to help our bodies out whenever we can.
By regularly cleansing your colon, you can clear it of toxins and help it run more efficiently. When your colon can do its job properly, you may feel less bloated, have fewer digestive issues, and enjoy better overall health.


You don’t need an expensive colonic or spa treatment to keep your digestive system running optimally. Just try these easy and natural methods.
Flaxseed: Flaxseed is one of the best natural ingredients for colon health. Being extremely high in fiber, it can help even difficult-to-digest foods move through your system quickly and with ease.

Yogurt: Eating fresh yogurt on a regular basis is a good way to keep the colon healthy. Being a probiotic food, yogurt, especially the one with live and active cultures, will introduce “good” bacteria into the gut that promote digestion. It will also combat inflammatory bowel diseases.


Apple juice: Apple juice, thanks to its high acid and fructose content, is naturally cleansing to the digestive system. Drinking one or two cups of apple juice per day can flush your colon. Make sure you are using 100% pure, no-sugar-added juice.

Sea salt: Sea salt has dozens of vitamins and nutrients that can stimulate the digestive system. Stir some into your bath until it dissolves or add a teaspoon to your drinking water.

o Ginger: Ginger has been used for thousands of years for its digestive health properties. Simply chewing on a chunk of ginger or stirring grated ginger into your tea can have numerous digestive benefits.

o Juicing: Vegetable juicing is extremely popular right now. Getting plenty of vegetable juice in your diet can stimulate the digestive process and keep your colon from getting backed up. For best results, use organic vegetables and juice them yourself immediately before drinking.

o High-fiber diet: Fiber is just as important as water when it comes to digestive health. Get a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber to promote digestive health in a variety of ways.

Once your colon is fully cleansed, you should start to notice many different health benefits. It won’t take long for your body to enjoy the advantages of a well-tuned digestive system and a healthy colon

Last modified on 26/10/2015

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