See What Happens When You Drink Water On an Empty Stomach

The current health trend is drinking water immediately after getting out of bed.

Scientist have confirmed the medical value of this to be completely beneficial to our health.
Drinking water when waking has been linked to curing and prevention of certain disease and ailments such as headaches, body aches, arthritis, heart problems, epilepsy, obesity, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney disease, vomiting, gastritis, diabetes, constipation, uterine disease, ear and throat disease.
The treatment that we are going to present here is also known as Japanese Water Therapy. It is not only unbelievably simple, but scientists have provided information that strongly suggests that it can really work.


Here it is how the water treatment method goes:

1. First thing in the morning, after you wake up drink 640ml of water. It will be perfect if the water is fluoride-free. If you feel that you can’t drink this amount of water in the morning, start with some lower amount and raise it up gradually.

2. Brush your teeth and clean your mouth without consuming anything for the next 45 minutes. After that period of time, you’re free to drink and eat as you please.

3. Half an hour before each meal, drink a cup of water. For two hours after every meal you shouldn’t eat or drink anything.

4. Feel your health improving.

According to the Japanese tradition, the treatment requires the water to be slightly warm, and not at room temperature or cold.
The Japanese Medical Society has stated that this kind of treatment would treat constipation in 10 days, different gastric issues in10 days and high blood pressure in 30 days.

The truth is that water is not a miracle remedy. It is though a very vital part of every individual’s physical health and wellbeing. Taking care of our body, keeping it active and hydrated, can do wonders for our health. Dehydration doesn’t have to mean that you’re feeling thirsty and lightheaded. Dehydration simply means that our organism isn’t getting enough water to function to its fullest.
Therefore, take care of your body and have a couple of glasses of water!


Last modified on 03/10/2015
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