Your Body Will Thank You For This Small 10 Changes.Start Now!

A healthy life is a happy life! You can start living healthier by simply substituting a few things in your daily routine. Remember that small things can make a big difference and little changes can yield huge results!

1. Add a few drops of lemon in your water

This is literally a change that will take you away only 10 seconds of your day, and can do wonders when it comes to health and beauty.

2. Don't fry - bake

Your favorite fries can be prepared in the oven, and can be equally delicious. 

3. Replace the pork with chicken

If you feel that meat is a necessary source of protein, replace the pork with white chicken. Even better alternative is fish that is full of healthy fats.

4. Lower fat

Replace the full fat milk with lower fat, you won't even fell the  difference .

5. Cereals without sugar

If you are used to eat cereals at breakfast ,try the sugar free products. Sugars are hidden in all foods, so it is very important to read the labels.

6. Trade white rice for brown rice

Brown rice is richer in protein, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fiber and potassium. It’s also a great substitute if you’re trying to lose weight because it’ll help to reduce insulin spikes.

7.Eat whole-wheat pasta instead of white

Just like rice, whole-wheat pasta is filled with antioxidants and fiber. White pasta just can’t compare!

8. Greek yogurt can replace sour cream

Did you know that you can replace sour cream with greek yogurt and it’ll still taste relatively the same? So amp up the protein and slash the fat with this healthy substitute!

9. Try sparkling water when you’re craving soda

You’ve probably heard this one too many times. Soda is VERY bad for you. If you need a carbonation kick, why not try a cup of sparking water? They also come in fruity flavors like strawberry, orange, lemon-lime, etc.

10.Use cinnamon in coffee or tea

Slash extra calories by using cinnamon as a substitution for sugar. You can even sprinkle some in oatmeal too for a delicious spicy-sweet flavor.

Last modified on 20/10/2015

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