Stop Using Cotton Buds Immediately Doctor Discovered The More Effective Way For Cleaning Your Ears

Many of us use polyester buds to clean the ears from wax or dirt and grime , but it seems that , they actually do more damage than good .

Based on professionals , the normal use of cotton buds lead to dangerous health problems and may even cause irritation or even blockage .

Additionally , based on the popular well-liked Dr . Larry Gill , an American pediatrician , the ear wax should not be eradicated by force from the ear , but to use some other helpful ways .

According to him , the necessary components already are in your home . You need to soak a piece of cotton in some oil and put it into the ear in order to become softer the earwax .

After that , simply shake the head to move the earwax in direction of the outside canal . After that , wait a little for a few mins , and put on more than one drops of the oil into the ear .

If this type of method can not help you , mix up medical alcohol and vinegar in equal amounts , and clean the ears using this combination .

However , you can actually choose the technique you like , but remember to no more use cotton buds to be able to avoid any specific side effects .

Last modified on 03/02/2017