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Of all the unhealthy products created as processed supermarket foods took over in our diets, margarine must be one of the worst and quite possibly the strangest and most bizarre in it’s manufacturing process.
Peanut butter has long been a staple of the American diet. The creamy goodness is consumed in a variety of ways, and apparently, we can never get enough of it.
Turmeric has been dubbed the “Queen of Spices.” She boldly protects her subjects, bestowing many blessings.
If you can't find time to start exercising in the gym, try to eat healthy at home and drink this smoothie that acts almost like you did 100 sit-ups.
Shiitake mushrooms since 2,000 years ago were grown in East Asia, particularly in China, Korea and Japan,and are called the imperial mushrooms.
If we consume too much sugar in the body through processed foods, we are encouraging rapid growth, and therefore equally rapid drop in blood glucose. Therefore it is necessary to watch to avoid to much sugar.We offer you these natural…
Find out what Instagram's biggest fitness star eats daily. Here, she gives ELLE a peek inside her food diary. KAYLA ITSINES 
What's dependence on food? Food addiction is a serious problem which unfortunately still no proper explanation in science. Yet scientists were able to show that this kind of addiction can occur in a variety of people with different kinds of…