Food & Recipes

Organically grown eggs, from known origin, are considered to be medicated.
When buying fruits and vegetables we always try to pick the freshest and healthiest looking from the bunch.
Buckwheat is a power food which is gluten-free.
Parsley is a famous herb and a plant with powerful healing properties .It is famous as a plant with unique antioxidant properties and a number of added benefits.
Buckwheat is a seed from the plant Fagopyrum esculentum, which belongs to the family Polygonaceae.This plant originally comes from Asia.From 10 to 13 century, buckwheat is widely cultivated in China, then spread to Europe and Russia, and later in America.
It is no wonder that papaya is referred to as the ‘fruit of the angels’ owing to the delicious sweet taste with butter-like consistency.
Chickpeas are not only tasty but also healthy food, especially suitable for diabetics. Garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, originally came from Persia,and has a delicious aroma and delicate flavor.
There are many foods that you can eat each day to burn calories and lose weight.