See Some Cooking Tricks of the Great Masters of Cooking

The preparation of food is fun, but it can be hard. If you know the little tricks of great masters, then things will become easier.


As easy to clean the grease from dishes

Spray grease bottom with baking soda and then lay a little water, how to hide grease section. Let stand several hours. Cleaning then will be much easier.

How is the best to break the egg?

Most people break the eggs on the rim of the plate. But in this case, very often, tiny pieces of shell end in the white, then it is very difficult to find them. To avoid this situation, crush the eggs always smooth surface.


How to prevent darkening of peeled potatoes?

When preparing a great lunch, potatoes should be peeled before. But then it comes to their darkening. To save natural light yellow color, the dish in which stay peeled potatoes fill it with cold water and then place it in the refrigerator. If the potatoes are covered with water, will not become dark.

As for chopping board no smell of garlic?

If cutting board smell, simply put tiny salt on the surface, and then cut the lemon and rub them on the surface.
Occasionally keep a little of the juice and continue rubbing. After five or six minutes friction, allow it to stand, and then rinse and wipe with a dry cloth.

How to choose a juicy lemon and squeeze it to the end?

Take the lemon in hand. He must be firm and relatively cumbersome size. The crust should be light yellow, without spots. The most juicy lemons have a thin crust. To know that lemon has a thin crust, seek those with smoother surface.
To drain completely, place them on a flat surface, gently press them several times like knead the dough. Then place them in the microwave for ten seconds. Than squeeze it to the end.

The easiest way to peel a clove of garlic?

Cut off the bottom of the garlic and then press top with the flat surface of the blade. The skins will immediately separate the garlic and you can easily remove them.

How to measure the required quantity of honey?

When browning recipe for honey that is required, it is difficult to determine the exact amount, because he sticks to the spoon or cup to measure that.
Therefore, before you measure, brush the spoon (or container) with a little olive oil, honey can slip surface and can use all the measured quantity. If you do not have olive oil, dip the spoon in hot water before you take the honey.

Last modified on 05/04/2016

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