AMAZING: Foods That Will Improve the Functioning of Your Brain

You try to eat healthier to avoid any inflammation, blood fat, shinier hair and skin, but you say finally off to try to "feed" your brain?


The link between diet and brain health, from how to improve memory and to prevent early Alzheimer's disease lately is gaining momentum. 

- Previously scientists believed that as we age, our brain cells die. But now, it is proven that the brain cells regenerate, because a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you eat healthy, take care of your body and eating certain foods, then your brain will be healthy and 70 years.

What are these foods?


Buckwheat contains folic acid from vitamin B, which helps the brain to keep sharp, thiamine and vitamin C, which gives you more energy and iron, critical for cognitive function.


Mint has vitamin A, which improves learning skills and strengthens brain plasticity. It contains vitamin C, which maintains strong cognitive functions.

Pumpkin seeds

These seeds are full of iron thanks to trio mineral potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are also good for cognitive functions.


Vitamin K is a basic substance of cauliflower, thanks to which the brain is young, sharp and allows a good thing.


It is known that improve mood and raise the level of serotonin hormone good mood and reducing depression.


The brain loves fish. Anchovies as healthiest fish for brain contains vitamin B12, which improves memory and fight depression. Also it is rich with omega-3 fatty acids, which increase energy.


Beetroot is very nutritious, which improves blood flow to the brain, and this improves his job. It contains vitamin B9, which prevents dementia.

Indian walnuts

This kind of nuts contain zinc and magnesium. Zinc reduces the minerals in the brain that are associated with depression and improve memory, while magnesium helps regulate irregular sleep and improves learning skills.


Cinnamon fully improves the brain and also releases some special proteins that help the brain generate new neurons, and older maintain.

Dark chocolate

This delightful taste, improves our cognitive function and also sharpened our brain.


As a woman enters his 50s may experience reduction of the brain, but ginger is here to prevent it. Also is excellent consumed during menopause, because it helps focus the memory.

Last modified on 11/02/2016

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