AMAZING: What Makes Parsley a Wonder - Herb !?

Parsley is a famous herb and a plant with powerful healing properties .It is famous as a plant with unique antioxidant properties and a number of added benefits.

Imagine a plant with many health and beauty benefits, being cast off as just a table garnish. It is not only nutritious but it is loaded with numerous health benefits. The health benefits and uses of parsley are dated back to over 2,000 years ago.This herb is cholesterol free, but it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers, which help balance the cholesterol levels in the blood, prevent constipation, it protects the body against free radicals that emerge as a result of use of medications for treating injuries and it is also a good cancer prevention. The parsley is also rich in essential volatile oils that are really healthy and that contain limonene and eugenol.

Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of parsley:



Parsley is packed with anti-inflammatory agents such as luteolin and vitamin C. These agents may help prevent certain types of arthritis.

Antioxidant rich:

The anti-inflammatory agents vitamin C and luteolin are also known as potent antioxidants that help fight disease. Antioxidants kill the free radicals that cause oxidative stress and disease.

Cancer fighter:

A Minnesota study shows that myristicin, a compound found in parsley fights oxidation and may slow the growth of tumors.


Parsley contains all the chelating minerals and vitamins that help detoxify the body: Vitamin C, beta-carotene, Chlorophyll and folate.
It will help you detoxify your liver and stimulate digestive assimilation. It is known for liver detox.

Heart health:

Parsley is great for the heart. It is a good source of folate, which helps protect blood vessels from high levels of homocysteine. Adding parsley to your diet can help prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other heart conditions.

Immune booster:

Vitamin A and C are potent antioxidants and are well known for their abilities to strengthen the immune system.

Rich in vitamin K:

In addition to vitamin C and A, parsley is also rich in vitamin K. In fact, it is extremely rich in vitamin K, providing 153% of the recommended daily value. Vitamin K is great for strong bones and a healthy nervous system and has been found to have an important role in bone health by promoting osteotrophic activity in the bones. It may help Alzheimer’s disease patients by limiting neuronal damage in the brain.

Clear and Glowing Skin

Consuming parsley abundantly helps to balance excess sebum secretion in oily skin. It further helps to clear the pores which might otherwise lead to acne outbreaks. Zinc in parsley controls skin inflammation and promotes skin regeneration. It also reduces the redness and diminishes acne blemishes.

Fights Free Radicals

Parsley contains high amount of antioxidant which protects our skin from free radical damage and delays the signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.

Healthy Skin:

Parsley contains minerals like calcium, potassium, manganese, copper and zinc which are essential for maintaining healthy skin. Extract the juice from the leaves and mix it with 200 ml of water. Drink this concoction daily to get healthy skin.


The high chlorophyll content from parsley is an excellent blood purifier and builder. The vitamin C and iron content makes iron absorption more effective. Regularly drinking parsley juice (extracted using a gear juicer) helps bring up the hemoglobin count.


Consume parsley regularly for its vitamin C to prevent hardening of the arteries. It also helps to dissolve the sticky substances and maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels.


The rich vitamin C from parley helps protect against inflammatory problems like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Bad breath

Bad breath is usually a sign of a toxic colon. If the condition is not yet too far advanced, the purifying and cleansing effect of parsley juice makes a good remedy to clean up the toxic environment.

Bloatedness, water retention: Nibbling/chewing on parsley in the days before menstruation can help increase urination and eliminating excess fluid that cause bloatedness or water retention.


Its high concentration of anti-oxidants such as monoterpenes, phthalides, polyacetylenes, help neutralize carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) like tobacco smoke. Also good remedy for lung infection or asthma.


Last modified on 15/01/2016

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