Smoothie from Mango and Avocado for Getting the Tan of Your Dreams

Creamy smoothie from mango, avocado and other tasty ingredients for your natural beauty.

Plenty of vitamins (A, C, E), offers a cleaner liver, better digestion, potassium and fiber will help regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, while the collagen care for your skin, hair and nails.

This smoothie is such a delicious nectar of beauty and it should be your first morning routine, also can be used during the day as a healthy snack. If you add in it chia or flax seeds, you will have a delicious dinner.


(for 2 people) 3 dl fresh orange juice 1 dl water ½ avocado ½ teaspoon grated lime 300 g mango Combine all ingredients in a food processor until smooth, creamy mixture. Enjoy this delicious nectar of beauty!

Last modified on 21/09/2015

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