Top 5 Worst Foods You Can Eat!

These foods are so bad for you that I really can’t see any reason to consume them. Not only do they have zero nutritional value, but they also give your body a healthy dose of toxins, which should make the idea of eating them really hard to swallow.


Potatoes are bad enough when consumed in their raw state, as their simple sugars are rapidly converted to glucose that raises insulin levels and can devastate your health.
But when they are cooked in trans fat at high temperatures, all sorts of interesting and very unpleasant things occur. Anything that is fried, even vegetables, has the issue of trans fat and the potent cancer-causing substance acrylamide. Foods that are fried in vegetable oils like canola, soybean, safflower, corn, and other seed and nut oils are particularly problematic. These polyunsaturated fats easily become rancid when exposed to oxygen and produce large amounts of damaging free radicals in the body. They are also very susceptible to heat-induced damage from cooking. What is not commonly known is that these oils can actually cause aging, clotting, inflammation, cancer and weight gain.


Soy isoflavones have been touted to lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, and reduce menopausal symptoms. However, all of the latest reseach proves none of the above is true. In fact, soy has so many negative effects that it ranks as one of the worst foods you can consume. Soy is a phytoestrogen, which means it has estrogen-like effects. This disrupts the normal hormonal balance critical for good health in men and women alike. It has the highest concentration of phytic acid of any food, which blocks the uptake of essential minerals like calcium, copper, zinc, iron, & magnesium. It also contains trypsin inhibitors, which block the enzymes necessary to digest proteins and assimilate amino acids. It contains goitrogens, which depress thyroid function. Finally, when soy is processed (like cow's milk) its fragile proteins are denatured and rendered useless.


Probably the original “junk food”, you can’t be surprised these are on the list. The average chocolate coated candy bar packs 275-350 empty calories, including 25-40g of sugar, 15-20g of fat, and plenty of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Much research supports the idea that chocolate contains opiate type substances whichmakes it as addictive as any drug. As to the hype that chocolate contains antioxidants and can actually be good for you…you can get double the antioxidants and none of the fat and chemical additives from a serving a fruit. Chocoholics can try a chocolate flavored low carb protein bar or shake to get their fix.


Wieners are literally the garbage disposal of the meat processing industry. Whether you choose pork, beef, turkey or chicken dogs, be aware that you’re eating organs, nerve tissue, brain tissue, bone pieces, hooves, and other unsavory and unsafe parts of animals that were kept in extremely unsanitary pens and fed grains laced withhormones, antibiotics, pesticides and fecal matter. Experts believe if some version of mad cow disease surfaces in the U.S. food supply, it will appear in these meat products. If you’re still hungry, check out the fat and sodium content.


Processed milk is literally poison. The pasteurization process destroys the vitamins and digestive enzymes, denatures the protein, reduces the availability of minerals, and turns the fat rancid. Homogenization further renders the fat and protein indigestible. Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone and antibiotics which are fed or injected into the cows for increased milk production and disease control, respectively, contribute to intestinal inflammation, allergic response, fat storage, and tumor growth.

organic cow’s milk (still pasteurized & homogenized, but no antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides), organic goat’s milk (no homogenization), or almond milk (none of the above issues).

Last modified on 15/12/2015
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