Have You Ever Heard About The Buckwheat And The Amazing Pancakes from the Buckwheat Flour?

Buckwheat is a seed from the plant Fagopyrum esculentum, which belongs to the family Polygonaceae.This plant originally comes from Asia.From 10 to 13 century, buckwheat is widely cultivated in China, then spread to Europe and Russia, and later in America.


HAPPY NEW DIETING!!!How To Be Happy During Dieting And How To Not Overeat During the Holidays?!

The process of losing obesity-a rigorous slimming diets is primarily dangerous to health, and also creates unhealthy habits.

If you are always unhappy with your appearance and want to eat healthier without heavy diets from which you are starving, look at these tips to solve the problem of starvation and overeating:


Learn Which Fruits And Veggies Are Full with Pesticides and Toxins, and Which are NOT!

US non-profit organization "Environmental Working Group EWG" every year deals with the analysis of products on the world market and requires which fresh products have the most and least pesticides.


How To Get Sexy,Toned And Slim Till The NEW YEAR'S EVE ?

There are many ways to lose a lot of weight fast.However, most of them will make you hungry and unsatisfied.

If you think you have 3-4 extra kilos, you can try to reduce it with the following ways without starvation:


Do You Know How Many Vitamins Enter Your Body Daily? And How Much Do You NEED?

Winter is the time of colds and flu. In order to protect ourselves from illness and from the low temperature we should regularly consume vitamins that increase immunity.


If You Are Having A Sweet Tooth Often We Are Happy To Inform You About The Benefits of the Dark Chocolate

Women's dreams of a slim body are usually overshadowed when we are faced with delicious temptations. It's Rare to resist the sweet desserts, although in inself we are repeating the mantra of a perfect figure.


If You Want to Have A Victoria's Secret Model Body Here Are Some Tips For You!

How do the models prepare to walk down the runway in little more than their underwear and angel wings?


Find out the 3 Extremely Bad Health Effects You Might Have If You Overeat Nuts!

We know that the nuts are very healthy and are particularly associated with heart health, reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease and the fight against cancer, but how much a day can we eat?


The Most Easy And Funny Things To Do When You Are Stressed!

We must say that We are confronted with stress on a daily basis. It can affect many aspects of our life, mentally and physically.


Have You Ever Heard About The Amazing Benefits of Chickpeas ? Plus Here is One Recipe for Falafel!

Chickpeas are not only tasty but also healthy food, especially suitable for diabetics.

Garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, originally came from Persia,and has a delicious aroma and delicate flavor.