Pilates - Exercise for Beautiful and Healthy Body

Pilates consists of approximately 100 exercises that are designed to tighten the muscles. Pilates exercise is very popular and offers many benefits for you and your body and soul. Why not try something new this fall? Try Pilates!


Pilates invented Joseph Pilates Hubert, who was originally named Contrology since the foundation of Pilates is carefully controlled breathing to control the functioning of muscles and coordination of movements of the body. Proper breathing technique that helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, thus allowing relaxation of back muscles - back pain are often the result of overloading the muscles.

To strain muscles that ignore

Pilates first to strain small, weak and hard to reach muscles, which often ignore doing other exercises, so they either do not do right or do not do enough. These are the muscles that help to maintain proper and healthy structure of the body and keep the cardiovascular system. For this reason, pilates is recommended for everyone, especially for those who are on rehabilitation after an injury.

Pilates teaches you how to properly use muscles

Inadequate repeated movements during daily tasks or sports activities lead to improper placement of the body, and the body accepts it. From there, the repair of wrong placement of the body is a lengthy process, but if you try the process can be successful. Pilates teaches you how to do new movements and how to improve old-all this is transferred into your everyday life and sports activities.

Regular Pilates

  • It allows finer and healthier body placement.
  • Helps to get rid of headaches that occur due to improper placement of the body.
  • Visually strengthens your abdominal muscles.
  • Take care of your cardiovascular system.
  • The body becomes more flexible.
  • Significantly relaxes the muscles in the lower back.
  • Improves the digestive system and immune system.
  • Your movements become more controled and reduces the possibility of injury in other sports activities.
  • Improves coordination of the body.

There is a large selection ....

There are many centers for Pilates. Consider that most suits you. The most important thing is that exercise oversee an experienced trainer and exercise does not take place in groups too, just because you made the correct exercise your body has enormous benefits. Place of practice must be well ventilated and relaxed.

Last modified on 28/03/2016

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