Train Hard like Khloe Kardashian If You Want To See Her Changes On Your Body

The famous Khloe Kardashian- it seems like she overnight became a sex symbol with sculpted body, but her coach says the change is hidden behind a big commitment.



Gunnar Peterson is a personal stars coach like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and the family Kardashians

How to tighten your body ?

1. Never miss training

Gunnar said that the secret of the dramatic change that happened to Khloe is only because she was fully delivered training.She has Never been missing terms, no matter how chaotic was her day.

2. Cheat the schedule

Gunnar and Khloe exercised 5 times a week without fail, but time was different. "Sometimes we train at 8 am, sometimes at 6." Insert workout when you can.

3. Fit exercises

Gunnar says Khloe had typical routine. Some days she did intensive cardio training, other days they forced on the bodybuilding ...

4. Top two exercises that she had to do?

Raising weights and boxing.

5. Eat healthy

The Magic is not only in the gym. Good body needs good food. Plus stay hydrated, because when you exercise you lose too much fluid through perspiration.

6. Sleep

The body needs time to recover from strenuous training. Gunnar recommends to try each evening to prepare for sleep in the same period.

7. Balance

Why Khloe was so successful in its purpose? Because they balance her social life with the dedication of her body, said her coach. He also says that there is nothing wrong with a glass of wine with friends, just be ready the next day for good sweat, instead of lying in bed.


Here's a video of her exercises


Last modified on 19/11/2015

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