Do you Know What Will Happen To Your Body If You Stop Exercising

Find out why it is necessary to exercise often and what happens to your body if you do not exercise just 14 days:


1. Your body changes already three days after you stop exercising 

Fitness experts suggest that muscle mass and its tone quickly disappear if we use them less - as the abdominal muscles. That is why you should regularly exercise, maybe not every day, but the body needs to be regularly maintained in good shape.


This effect is near-instant: Your blood pressure is higher on the days you don’t exercise than the days you do. Your blood vessels adapt to the slower flow of a sedentary lifestyle after just 2 weeks, which clicks your readings up another couple of notches, according to a recent study in the journal PLoS.

3. Do you wonder why you just can't stop thinking of fatty and caloric foods?

The main reasons are lack of energy, bad mood and lack of persistence. However, with regular exercise will correct mood, you eat better, and will become more persistent if you do exactly what we and you feel better.


Gasping for breath after just a few stairs? Within 2 weeks of avoiding the gym, your VO2 max—a measure of fitness that assesses how much oxygen your working muscles can use—decreases by as much as 20 percent, says exercise physiologist Stacy Sims, Ph.D, M.Sc.

5. If you don't exercise regularly, forget the peaceful nights and the sleep like a baby

Do you worry about unpaid bills, credit, will pay costs that are becoming increasingly larger, on the other hand the salary is the same or less? The stress is the fastest and easiest way to dispose of the body with regular exercise, and reliability to sleep better.

6. Periodically is not bad to have fun

If you had a rest period of exercise, do not worry, it is not lost everything. You will need a little more time to return to the form, but it is important that this target is still achievable.

Last modified on 21/10/2015

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