15 Fitness Tips From One of The Best Players in The World - Cristiano Ronaldo

He is one of the best players in the world, winner of the Golden Ball, the Real Madrid striker, best midfielder and Portuguese boy that makes every single girl go crazy.

But his defined body is not created overnight, nor is maintained only by himself, but he constantly exercise and invest in himself.

According to him, everyone can achieve the same thing, but you should strictly adhere to routine and normal.

Here are some tips from Cristiano Ronaldo to shape the body of your dreams:

1. Learn to train your brain just like you train your body.Mental strength is as important as physical and helps you to achieve success.

2. Be disciplined. The secret is to be constantly motivated and adhere to the routine. For me there is no room for relief or cancellation.

3. Accept challenges. It will help you stay focused and continue.

4. It is even better to train with a partner because you have competition and it helps you to improve.

5. Sufficient sleep is really important to have better results.I go to bed early and get up early, especially before games. Sleep helps the muscles to rebuild, which is very important.

6. Heating protects you from injury. Training and doing cardio exercises run. Compulsory do such exercises before occupying some floors in the gym.

7. Combine exercises depending on which part of the body you want to highlight.It is important to fully maintain and not to focus only on one thing.

8. Intensive exercise is important for circulation.It's good to do a little running from one point to another before every workout. So you can get more energy.

9. Cardio exercises are another key secret of good body. Try to do at least 30 minutes. It is a progress, so increase your intensity.

10. Whenever possible, exercise. Stomach exercise can be done while watching TV ,lying on the bed or in the morning before getting up. If you create a routine, you will easily pass it in habit.

11. Good exercise must be combined with a normal diet.I eat high protein foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and most importantly I try to avoid sugar. I like to eat fish or chicken steak with salad.

12. Ensure a sufficient amount of water. The body needs proper hydration. I avoid alcohol.

13. Eat regularly. If you put a maximum in exercises, then you need the energy that enter with food.Do not famish your body.Do not overdo it with great meals and do not overeat, eat more times during the day,but less food. I eat 6 small meals a day

14. It is good to listen to music that you like while exercising. It motivates you and brings out the best of youself.I like to listen to hip hop and reggaeton.

15. Relax. Training is important, but it is also important to find time during the day for relaxation.It helps you to accept yourself, to relax and to show the best of yourself. I spend my free time with friends and family .It relaxes me and makes me think positively

Last modified on 22/10/2015

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