Lose weight effortlessly by Drinking Water

The next time you’re thinking about having a snack and you know there’s no real reason for you to be having anything to eat, try drinking a glass of water instead. In many cases, your body is actually thirsty rather than hungry and the glass could help tide you over until your next proper meal.

A good strategy for reducing your snacking is to at least resolve to wait half an hour after drinking that water before eating something. If you still feel like having something to eat 30 minutes after drinking it, go ahead and have a snack.

Water helps you burn calories 3% faster

You already know that all body functions are performed in the presence of water, so a well hydrated body will allow these functions to be performed faster and more efficiently. Moreover, if you drink plenty of water you will be able to increase your metabolic rate, you feel more full of energy and burn calories by up to 3% faster.

Other benefits of good hydration are

• Controls your appetite
• Increases metabolism
• Increases energy levels
• Significantly improving skin appearance
• A lower water retention in tissues
• Eliminates headaches
• Reduces blood pressure
• Reduces cholesterol
• Elimination of joint pain
• A lower incidence of occurrence of kidney stones

So, how does water speed up weight loss?

-Hydration -Generally,our bodies are composed of 55%-65% water by weight, according toWiki. Proper hydration promotes healthy bodily function and excels the metabolic rate, causing you to burn more calories.
Drinking water also helps your body to filter excess calories and impurities; depleting your body of daily toxins. Being well-hydrated help you to feel boosts of energy throughout the day, causing you to want to exercise more.

-Fill you up- Many times people are confuse thirst over hunger. In fact when you feel hungry, often you’re really just thirsty.
Next time when you experience hungry again, have a glass of water. If you are still have the same feeling after approximately 30 minutes, then you are really hungry, go grab somehealthy snacks. But if the feeling goes away, then it save you grabbing unnecessary calories .
Water could fill you up and prevent overeating. have a glass of water before each meal not only suppress your appetite from eating too much ,water consumption increases the rate of burn calories.


Last modified on 17/08/2015

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