How to Get Rid of Loose Skin after Losing Weight ? 5 natural Tips On How To Tighten Loose Skin Fast

We all feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as our healthy eating and our active lifestyles lead to fat burning and weight loss. Our clothing fits better, and our confidence soars. But some of us experience an unexpected side effect of weight loss in the form of loose, sagging skin.

Loose skin often presents itself on our bellies, in our underarm area, on our triceps area, and on our necks. If you’d like to firm and tighten skin after weight loss, the following tips will allow you to gradually smooth your skin, getting you the look you’ve been working toward.


Step 1: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Water is crucial to the body, every cell contains water and it is of most importance in maintaining skin elasticity
Water improves the skin’s elasticity. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Bring a water bottle with you wherever you go so you’ll be reminded to drink up throughout the day.

Consume foods with high water content. This keeps you hydrated and helps you stay full longer.


Step 2: Eat Clean

The body is like a machine and it needs to be maintained properly.
Feed it poorly, starve it of fluid and it will not only perform badly but it will run on empty and breakdown often.
Eating clean, nutrient rich foods will supply the body with all the vitamins and minerals it requires for ultimate performance and cell regeneration. The body repairs and rebuilds itself daily from a cellular platform from the very foods you eat, so eat healthy and eat clean and be healthy and be clean.
Or eat poorly and you will look and feel poorly too

It really is just as the saying goes “you are what you eat"

Clean foods containing vitamins such as A, C and E help to hydrate and increase collagen and elastin formation in the skin, these are 2 necessary components in helping to keep skin plump and tight. These 2 vital components can be formed through eating a protein rich diet from foods sources such as meat and poultry as well as legumes, beans, seeds, nuts and fish such as salmon, tuna and which also contain healthy fats that maintain healthy skin moisture which help to prevent stretched and dry skin appearance. Olive oil, coconut, organic butter and avocado all contain healthy skin essential fatty acids too so make sure to incorporate these foods into your daily diet as well.

Step 3: Resistance Train

Loose skin may be the result of decreased body mass, including lost muscle mass during weight loss.

Training at least 3 times a week using resistance will increase muscle mass and prevent wasting. Increased muscle mass will tighten up the body, creating muscle definition allowing you to look leaner, sexier and for your skin to look tighter.


Step 4: Massage your skin

You can massage your skin with cocoa and shea butter to tighten it after weight loss. You need to cover the loose areas of your skin with organic cocoa butter. This is one of the ways to keep your skin moist as well as elastic. Shea butter can be massaged on the loose skin during the night as well as in the morning.


Step 5: Be patient.

Your skin may not return to normal right away so wait it out. Keep in mind that it can take quite some time for your skin to adjust to your new weight so don't stress yourself and your body during this time.
There's no need to cry your eyes out and result to drastic measures to tighten skin after weight loss. Give these methods a try. We promise you, they're very effective!

We wish you the best of luck!


Last modified on 15/08/2015
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