How to Prevent Injury During Exercise

The health benefits of exercise far outweigh any risks of injury. However, you can take some precautions to exercise safely.


Follow these tips to avoid injury:

• When starting an exercise program, begin slowly with low-intensity exercises.
• Wait at least 2 hours after eating a large meal before doing strenuous exercise.
• Wear appropriate shoes for your activity and comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely but won’t catch on other objects.
• Warm up with low-intensity exercises at the beginning of each exercise session.
• Drink water before, during, and after your exercise session.
• When exercising outdoors, pay attention to your surroundings — consider possible traffic hazards, the weather, uneven walking surfaces, and strangers.

Stop exercising if you:

• Have pain or pressure in your chest, neck, shoulder, or arm
• Feel dizzy or sick to your stomach
• Break out in a cold sweat
• Have muscle cramps
• Feel severe pain in joints, feet, ankles, or legs.


Last modified on 14/07/2015
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