Facts About Being Active

Physical activity and exercise are both important and can help improve your ability to do the everyday activities you enjoy.


How much activity is enough?

All children from 2- 18 years of age need at least 60 minutes a day every day. Adults from 18 years onwards (including people over 65) need at least 30 minutes on 5 days a week. This is the minimum for health and should be gradually increased over time. Being regularly active can give you more energy, help relieve stress, improve your mental health and lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight. The more activity you do, the more health benefits you achieve. So move more every day!

Think about your average day and how you might include more activity into your lifestyle, then make a plan and set yourself weekly goals. It’s that easy! If you think you don’t have enough time, how about swapping 20-30 minutes of time spent watching TV or using the computer and going for a brisk walk instead. To make sure you’re getting the benefits from your activity, you should feel warmer or be sweating slightly and aware that there’s an increase in your breathing and heart rate.

It is very important for children and adults to balance the amount of food eaten with enough activity to help control body weight. To lose weight and to prevent weight gain you may need 60-75 minutes a day to lose weight and to prevent weight gain BUT remember some activity is always better than none.

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