Rapid Weight Loss Dangerous to Health? Is it Safe?

One of the most common fitness questions - whether too rapid weight loss is dangerous to health? What fitness experts read between the lines is - to be starving to knock off a few kilos?


Often, fast weight loss is not dangerous (although known to be if overdone), but in the long run is bad for you, because you will additionally weight. But when we are talking about fast weight loss, you need to define what is too fast. The border is seen in that moment when despite the fat begin to lose muscle and tissue. This is not dangerous in the sense that it would endanger life, but in the long run have negative health implications.

Loss of muscle tissue reduces the overall consumption of calories in the body, while reducing the ability to regulate blood sugar levels, and of course makes you weaker. Even worse, when you stop the diet, muscle tissue soon will be replaced with fat. Each kilogram of fat cover 18 percent more space than a kilogram of muscle tissue.

When you start a program for weight loss, you should remember:

Prepare for stagnation

At the beginning of the program will lower the weight linearly, which means uniformly will decrease by approximately the same number of kilos every week. But as you become lighter, the reduction will become smaller, and in a moment you'll be faced with stagnation. So do not despair if the scale stalled several days or even several weeks - the closer you reach the goal, the stagnation is longer.

Take a break

Every 8 to 12 weeks make a complete break from the diet for a period of 7 days. Do not overeat conscious, but try not to be so restrictive to himself. This is a good mental and physical break from the diet, which allows people to maintain their diets longer period.

Redefine progress

Find other indicators of success despite the scale. Follow triglyceride levels, blood pressure, percentage of body fat, etc. As these figures will begin to dramatically improve, you will have more motivation to persevere to the final realization of the plan.

Last modified on 25/03/2016

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