Research Proves: 1 Daily Teaspoon Of This Spice Could Help You Lose 3 Times As Much Body Fat

Trying to kick a weight loss plateau?

Spices play an important role in making a dish more flavorful. Indian cuisine is especially known to have some of the healthiest traditional spices as its main ingredients.We all know that losing weight and continuing to progress is not easy. However, there is a powerful spice that will help you jump start weight loss as well as prevent heart diseases and obesity and improve your overall health. Fortunately, this powder is easily available and there is also study to prove and explain its multiple properties.

Health benefits of cumin seeds

 Cumin seeds contain numerous phyto-chemicals that are known to have antioxidant, carminative and anti-flatulent properties. The seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber.

 Its seeds contain certain health-benefiting essential oils such as cuminaldehyde (4-isopropylbenzaldehyde),pyrazines, 2-methoxy-3-sec-butylpyrazine, 2-ethoxy-3-isopropylpyrazine, and 2-methoxy-3-methylpyrazine.

 The active principles in the cumin may improve gut motility and help in digestion by augmenting gastro-intestinal enzyme secretions.

 The spice is an excellent sources of minerals like iron, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, selenium, zinc and magnesium. Copper is required in the production of red blood cells. Iron is required for red blood cell formation. Zinc is a co-factor in many enzymes that regulate growth and development, digestion and nucleic acid synthesis. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the powerful anti-oxidant enzyme,superoxide dismutase.

 It also contains very good amounts of B-complex vitamins such as thiamin, vitamin B-6, niacin, riboflavin, and other vital anti-oxidant vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

 The seeds are also rich source of many flavonoid phenolic anti-oxidants such as carotenes, zea-xanthin, and lutein.

 The Magical Powder – Cumin

 This spice is usually used grounded in curry powder. It is sometimes pre-packed as chili powder in grocery stores and is related with all different types of cuisines. It can be actually prepared with everything, from tea to Indian curry.

 Additional Benefits

 These are the great reasons why you should implement cumin into your diet:

 - Diabetes – it reduces the chances of hypoglycemia
 - Digestion – By relieving gas troubles and from stomach aches, it aids in digestion
 - Common Cold – It provides large amount of Vitamin C that defends against toxins and infections as well as boosting the immune system
 - Asthma – It loosens up the accumulated mucus and phlegm in the respiratory system
 - Insomnia – it is powerful relaxant that helps with sleepless nights.

 Cumin Tea Recipe


 - 250ml water
 - 1 tsp Cumin Seeds

 Step 1: Add 1 tsp of cumin seed in a vessel
 Step 2: Place it on a little heat for 10 sec
 Step 3: Fill the vessel with 250ml of water and allow it to boil
 Step 4: Cover and allow the vessel to settle for 5 min after boiling
 Step 5: Strainand enjoy it warm
 Optional: Add a pinch of salt or a few tsp of honey according to taste


Last modified on 24/02/2016
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