100% It Works ! Lose a Few Inches of Your Waistline with This Warm Ginger Coating

Each of us wants a perfect stomach to show on the beach.

Numerous individuals are wrapping their body in a plastic wrap, which is considered as corrective process that prompts the greenhouse effect.
This technique expands the capacity of the sweat organs the glands and the blood flow and wipes out unsafe substances and poisons from the body.Healthy food and exercise is often not enough for achieving this. Instead of holding onto a strict diet and starving.Try the ginger coating we will present bellow in this article. By consuming ginger you will be able to accelerate the metabolism, and thus will lose some weight. A similar effect has a layer of ginger. Learn how to do it:

Ingredients needed:

– 1 tablespoon of powdered ginger (or freshly ground)
– Several tablespoons of body lotion
– Plastic foil
– Terry cloth
– Elastic bandage


Wet the towel in warm water and wrap it around the problematic area. Allow it to stay for a couple of minutes to open the skin pores. Repeat this once again if necessary.
Mix ginger with some body lotion and apply a thick layer on the problematic area. Then, wrap it with a few layers of plastic foil. Finally, wrap the coating with elastic bandage. Do not tighten too much, it should be comfortable. Let it act for 4 hours, and for best results t is recommended that you leave it overnight. You may feel some tingling at first, but don’t worry, because it is a sign that the mask works.
This coating is very efficient because ginger reduces the stored fat in the body.
It is recommended that you repeat the procedure regularly if you want to obtain optimum results. Moreover, if you add ginger in your diet you will enhance the effects of the compress and you will lose a few centimeters of your waistline.
Note: It is important for you to know that the results may vary from person to person, depending on their metabolism, diet and physical activity.

Honey wrapping

Do you know that honey can be effective in so many ways, and even for loosing weights? Place some honey in a dish and warmth it. At that point you can include one egg yolk and a few drops of some natural essential oil by your decision (jojoba, orange or lemon oil).
Smear this blend on the coveted territories like thighs, arms or stomach area and after that wrap yourself solidly with plastic or household foil.
Wear some winter garments and spread your body with cover. Stay under the cover for one hour and after that remove the wrap and wash off the blend from your body.

Last modified on 25/12/2015

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