These Are 20 Tips That Can Serve You as a Good Example if you Want to Eat Healthy.

You probably heard about how important is a healthy diet, but do you know how a healthy diet it looks like ? Are your views correct? These are several things that can serve you as a good example if you want to eat healthy.


Michael Pollan is an American writer, activist and author of a book about diet and nutrition.

He thinks that today's food industry and modern lifestyles have destroyed social and social meaning of a meal, especially what it comes to a healthy meal.

If you want to change your family diet and to improve the health of your children,you are probably wondering what healthy eating it looks like.

Here are the best 20 tips that can be a good sign that you are eating healthy:

1. Listen to your own instinct

Most of what we know, or at least we knew about what it means healthy nutrition has significantly changed and is not in line with today's advertising and tips on how should look a healthy meal. Use the wisdom of the elderly and take along their recommendations.

2. Do not believe too much of the scientific research

Most of the nutritional advice that we have received lately actually make us less healthy and immensely fatter.

3. Avoid labels

It is simpler to stick some medical label on the boxes with sweets from oatmeal other than the potatoes or carrots.

4. Buy from a Market

Foods that are located on the shelves of supermarkets is made to last longer by removing most of the nutrients so go to the fresh market.

5. Eat real food

"Ordinary" real food still exists and that is what we suppose to eat.

6. If you have overweight it doesn't mean that you suffer from malnutrition or lack of iron in the blood

The diet is based more on quantity than quality, and makes you simultaneously - an overfed and undernourished.

7. Do not look for a solution in pharmacies

The role of medicine is to keep those who live poorly as a result of poor diet.

8. Avoid western diet

Human body is built and equipped to cope with an amazing variety of food, so avoid fast foods and eat more fruits and vegetables.

9. Do not eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't have recognized it as food

To be safe, you need to go back a few generations when the food wasn't there.

10. Avoid several types of food products

Avoid products that contain ingredients you don't know, when they are hard to pronounce, and when they have corn syrup or more than 5 ingredients.

11. Avoid foods that promote health

Processed products - low probability that can be defined as a healthy choice.

12. Buy from the ends of the supermarkets

Sticking to the end of the supermarkets is a opportunity to finish with the right things in your bag.

13. Eat mostly plants

There is one thing that nutritionists agree, and that is that you should eat mostly fruits and vegetables.

14. Eat wild products when you have the chance

Wild fruits and vegetables have to defend themselves from pests and diseases without the help of additives, therefore they contain larger amounts of phytochemicals from its domestic relatives.

15. Eat like an omnivore

This means that there is a constant need to eat as much as possible more varied diet rich in nutrients.

16. Eat more like the French, Italians, Japanese, or the Greeks

People who stuck to traditional cuisine is far healthier than those who follow the way of the modern western diet.

17. Pay more - Eat less

Replace quantity with quality. Reducing calories obviously prolongs life.

18. Eat meals

The biggest problem that we have today are snacks that distribute through the whole day or occasional snack. It is best to sit at the table and not eat alone.

19. Eat slowly

Thus this is giving you the opportunity to find out when you had enough and avoid overeating.

20. Cook, do not purchase fast foods

This is the best way to avoid junk and unhealthy foods and replace them with healthy meals that you enjoy not only because they are delicious, but also because you tried to prepare them with much love.

Last modified on 25/11/2015

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