Check this Daily Diet Plan for People Who Workout

If you exercise hard and you are not eating properly, you won't see any results from the invested effort. Your muscles may be formed, but still will stay somewhere under the fat that was accumulated for years

The purpose of the training is to enter less calories than you can spend. The easiest way to lose the fat is following a diet plan.


Fresh fruit and energy bars

It is best to have a light meal 1 hour before you start your workout.



This green fruit contains the highest amount of vitamin C.


Cook the salmon, quinoa, broccoli and asparagus and pour on them a little olive oil.

These foods are known as "super foods" that contain high levels of antioxidants and is necessary for people who are in constant motion.


Tomato sauce and fresh vegetables

Boil one tomato, leave the thick liquid cooled, add lemon juice and spice to taste. If you want an angry food, add chili powder.

Serve with fresh vegetables chop sticks that will torment in tomato sauce.


Beef and shiitake mushrooms

Bake a fillet of beef with olive oil and spice it, and add the shiitake mushrooms with a little soy sauce.

Serve with a fresh green salad.

Proteins found in beef will feed the muscles after a workout.

Last modified on 24/09/2015

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