What's Amal Clooney's Secret For Her Slim Line?

She's one of the most envied women in the world, with a high-flying career as an international lawyer, respect from her peers, a fantastic wardrobe and George Clooney as a husband.

 Everyone wanted to find out what is the secret of her slim body.

The wife of Hollywood actor informed that the only diet she does it is a diet called "half portion".

This gorgeous lawyer added that because of her everyday activities she has no time to cook thus often eats at restaurants .

The negative side of the restaurants is the size of the portion,thus the most effective way of losing weight is to reduce the portion

"Portions in restaurants are too large so for me completely fine is to split the portions in half.Eating slowly and savoring every bite of a meal certainly helps, and I’ve learned that it’s never a wise idea to peruse a menu when you’re hungry. " - said Amal.

Eating in restaurants offers many opportunities to encounter large portion sizes.

The number of eating establishments in the United States increased by 75 percent between 1977 and 1991. While Americans have many choices in restaurants, the food (especially from fast food restaurants) is often very cheap and available in large quantities.

A study shows that the frequency of eating out, particularly at fast-food restaurants, is associated with an increase in energy and fat intake and with a higher body mass index.

It would be great if restaurants served smaller portions and charged less for them.It would be profitable for them to halve the price, as overheads stay the same regardless of portion size.

Seems pretty simple right?

Last modified on 22/10/2015

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