The Harcombe Diet: How to Eat Your Favorite Meals and Lose Weight

A Positive and good thing about this diet is that you can really enjoy the food that you eat without having to bother about counting the calories.

Nutritionist Zoe Harkombe spent 20 years exploring the loss of weight and habits of overeating and discovered 3 major health problems that affect the needs for certain types of food: Candida albicans , intolerance to certain foods and hypoglycemia.


But what's even more interesting is that she discovered why exactly the dietary advice that May occur in these conditions that will turn you in having a great need for sweets or other types of junk food:

If you are trying to eat less, low-fat and calorie count, then these three things will happen:

1. You eat more carbohydrates and less fat

2. You eat the same things every day

3. You will lose weight immunity.

These factors lead you to the possibility of some of the above health problems.

"If you start with a low calorie diet it is likely to end as a food addict" - said Harkombe.

This diet slowly introduces you to great eating habits that will slowly lose weight. It takes place in two stages where the first last five days and the second not limiting.

Phase 1:

First Day

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs

Lunch: Salmon and vegetables

Dinner: Brown rice and vegetables

Second Day

Breakfast: 100g Oat flakes with water

Lunch: Tuna salad

Dinner: Meat with vegetables of choice

Third Day

Breakfast: Omelet

Lunch: Chicken steak with vegetables

Dinner: Stuffed peppers with rice and vegetables (no meat)

Fourth day

Breakfast: 75g cereal optional water

Lunch: Salad and boiled eggs

Dinner: Fish optional and vegetables

Fifth day

Breakfast: Naruto with fresh vegetables

Lunch: Roast chicken with vegetables

Dinner: 75g noodles in tomato sauce with your choice

For The second stage there is no specific menu of food. Just follow these rules.

Rules for the second phase:

1. Do not eat processed foods

2. Do not mix carbohydrates and fats

3. Do not eat food from commonly binge

4. Do not eat marinated food


Last modified on 22/10/2015

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