Dr. Oz - The Popular Weight loss Drink who accelerates metabolism by 12 %

The famous Dr. Oz has many times emphasized the power of green tea when it comes to cleansing the body of toxins and its vitality.

So we’re not surprised that his drink for weight loss is based on green tea.

Several times now he has stated that only one cup of green tea per day does wonders for metabolism, regulates blood sugar, reduces the risk of heart attack and various forms of cancer. Besides that, it raises immunity, and mood. Plus, in combination with another two ingredients can do wonders in fighting weight.

Dr. Oz often says that daily one cup of green tea can do real miracles – accelerates metabolism by 12 %, regulates blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of heart attack and various forms of cancer, strengthens immunity and improves mood.


- 1 liter water

- 5 green tea bags

- 1 orange

- A handful of fresh mint

In boiling water add 5 bags of green tea. Allow to stand for 5 minutes and leave the tea to cool. Orange cut into wedges. Put the tea in a large jar and add the orange slices and mint. Close the jar and leave overnight. The next day drink the tea. Dr. Oz recommends one cup of this drink in the mornings on empty stomach, before meals, and rest to drink at night before going to bed. Dr. Oz recommends 1 cup of this drink before every meal, thus promising victory over excess weight.

Last modified on 21/09/2015

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