Who Wants to Look Like Scarlett Johansson? Follow her Fitness & Diet Routine

The 4-time Golden Globe nominee feels her confident best when she is physically fit. So when she’s not working she still puts in a 30-minute workout session everyday without heading for a gym or turning to fancy trainers. A mixed-bag of exercises such as yoga, weight-resistance training, walking, jogging, hiking, and martial arts have helped keep her metabolism up and the title of the Sexiest Woman Alive for the second time.


Scarlett Johansson’s  Diet Routine:

Staying fit is equally important as eating healthy for Scarlett. As much as she loves snacking on grilled cheese and baking, she substitutes the fatty ingredients with healthy ones and balances it out with a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins which satisfy her inside and out. She is very careful what she eats, however, post-baby or not, and her diet is always rich in the foods that do the most good for the body, hence the name super-foods. With every meal, she tries to have at least one, so for breakfast it might be natural yogurt with blueberries (super-fruit), and for lunch it could be something like grilled chicken with broccoli (another super-food), with green tea, walnuts, kale, spinach, soy, salmon, and pumpkin also making plentiful appearances in her meals.

Scarlett Johansson’s  Fitness Routine:

Total Body Tabata Workout - This is one large circuit; if you are pressed for time or do not work out more than a few times a week, this full workout routine manages to hit all of the parts that you need to tone, tighten, or build upon in order to get a curvy body.

The next few workouts to get a curvy shape are more focused on the individual body parts that you need to tone. There is a workout routine for the obliques, the glutes and legs, and the upper body. Rotate these routines during the week so that each muscle group always has at least 1 full day off between workouts in order to heal.

 34 minute Standing Abs Workout - Burn off calories & tone the stomach to accentuate an hourglass shape.

Butt Lifting Workout – This 20 minute glute video will definitely have you sore the next day. The combination of lunges, plyometrics and butt lifting moves will help you get a curvy body in no time.

20 Minute workout video for the Upper Body – This 20 minute home routine burns lots of calories and firms up the arms and chest.

Last modified on 13/08/2015

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