Chrono Nutrition Program-What It Is and Why Is Good for You

This Chono diet -Nutrition  is   so popular  nowadays learn why.




The basic idea of ​​the diet over time originated from the French doctor Alain Delabosa, who has registered its program in 1986

The program is without great difficulty and for a short time you learn the principles of healthy nutrition, proper selection of groceries and good combinations of different foods that can be eaten everywhere, at school, at work, at home, on holiday or travel.

The program does not involve counting calories, measuring foods and determining amount of food, there are certain lists of eating, nor given recipes. The philosophy of the program is people to get knowledge which will be the basis for further living a healthy life.

The three main principles on which the program is based:

Creating an alkaline environment in the body because acidification causes chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases (cancer, heart attack, diabetes, etc.).

Correct timing of daily meals. Required are three main meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with a 4-6 hours in between.Witth a alot of water intake and herbal teas .

Carbohydrate index (GI). The speed which a particular food increases the level of blood sugar (glucose).

Those who are suffering from the most common modern diseases of metabolism within 10-30 days can reduce the values ​​of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood

The good of the chrono nutrition program is that it never occurs so-called "yo-yo" effect (loss - restoring weight), and metabolic disorders are permanently resolved.

Results showed 100% success.

The first phase of a program of diet, etc. restrictive regime that lasted 28 days, involves avoiding fast (simple) sugars in the form of sweets, fruit, white / yellow sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc., as well as alcohol and hard drinks. After conducting a restrictive regime, certain products is gradually included in the diet.

The basic principle of chrono nutritio is accepting the  eating habits permanent in life and stick it.

The chrono nutrition program allows fast, without any effort to learn the principles of healthy nutrition and proper selection of groceries and a good combination of these. 

Last modified on 22/10/2015

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