Try This Magical Diet With Pineapple. With this 5 days Pineapple diet you Can Lose 4-5pounds without compromising your health

The pineapple diet is a restrictive weight loss program that focuses on the alleged weigh loss benefits of pineapple . What Is the Pineapple Diet? The pineapple diet is actually known as the pineapple and tuna diet.


The pineapple diet can definitely help you detox and lose a few pounds along the way.

The Pineapple Diet is popular because: – The ingredients are easy to find and prepare. – It is a valid solution for quickly losing a few pounds. – Besides weight-loss it also acts as a detox diet.

With this five-days pineapple diet, you can lose 4-5pounds without compromising your health. For example you can have fat free yogurt, whole bread, grill chicken, grill fish, fresh salad, etc.

Breakfast: 100 gr pineapple, one fat free yogurt, one slice of whole bread,

Lunch: vegetable soup and one portion of grill chicken or 100 gr shrimps salad and 100 gr pineapple,

Dinner: 100 gr whole rice and 100 gr pineapple or chicken and pineapple salad. During the 5 days pineapple diet you will eliminate the toxins from your body and also lose kilos.

Also If anyone is looking to quit smoking, it would be useful and faster for them to clean out their lungs first and remove any ill effects and the pineapple diet is perfect for the smokers.

We prefer to always consult with your doctor before starting any kind of new diet.

Last modified on 06/08/2015
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