17 Snacks That Make You Lose Weight

What you eat between meals matters more than you think. These choices boost metabolism and help you lose weight fast.


Greek yogurt with raspberries and honey: Combine a single-serving container of Greek yogurt, a cup of raspberries, and a half-tablespoon of honey.

Grapes and walnuts: A cup of grapes and a handful of walnuts together are a power-combo of natural sugars, fiber, healthy fats, and protein

KIND Healthy Grains Bar: The amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and gluten-free oats in these bars meet one-third of your daily whole grain. 

Edamame: A cup of edamame meets one-third of both your daily fiber and protein needs. 

Freekeh Foods: Freekeh is a cereal made from roasted green wheat. 

Wheat Thins and cottage cheese: Dip 10 Wheat Thins in the cottage cheese, or enjoy them side-by-side. 

All Natural Egg White Chips: It might sound weird, but these chips are certainly worth a crunch. 

Mediterranean hummus tray: Get your Mediterranean diet on: Cucumbers, olives, and hummus are all high in fiber, low in fat, and pair perfectly for a snack that feels more like a meal. 

Oatmeal and blueberries: Try a packet of plain, microwaveable oatmeal topped with a half cup of blueberries. 

Banana with peanut butter: Spread a tablespoon of peanut butter onto a banana. 

Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips: The zesty nacho variety, for instance, has 0.5 grams saturated fat, 6 grams of protein. 

Popcorn, Indiana All-Natural Classic Popcorn: The name might say "classic," but these kernels are anything but what you grew up eating. 

Apple slices with cheese: Try pairing a gala apple with a half-inch slice of sharp cheddar cheese: It's the perfect sweet and salty mix with a crunch! 

Cheerios and soynuts: It's perhaps not the most obvious pairing, but put a quarter-cup of roasted, salted soynuts and a half-cup of Multigrain Cheerios together, shake them up, and you'll be hooked. 

Turkey rolls: Sliced turkey breast doesn't need a bun! 

Pear slices with almond butter: Pair your pear with a tablespoon of almond butter for the perfect carb and protein combination. 

Krave turkey jerky and an orange: It comes in flavors like lemon garlic and basil citrus, is loaded with protein, and is 97% fat free. 

Last modified on 04/08/2015
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